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Data Destruction

Data Destruction

NerdLab CC is a full service digital media sanitation service provider.

With the continual increase in digital media devises being manufactured and the fact that digital storage is the preferred method over paper, individuals and businesses need to have an "end of life" strategy and practice when it comes to electronic data security. Having your personal data in the wrong hands could be devastating. There are many legislative regulations currently in place that mandate secure data protection and proper data sanitation. NerdLab CC identified the need and branched out to include this in our services we offer. Our knowledge in hard drive and solid state data recovery will insure your data is not coming back. Rendering the media devise cleaned or physically destroyed keeps you safe and secure which is our number one priority.

NerdLab CC can safely and securely perform digital media sanitation services and destruction services for hard drives, solid state media, thumb drives, tapes and even cellular phones.

We offer a variety of sanitation methods from physical destruction, to other methods of secure wiping. All our data destruction services are auditable by managing all unique serial numbers and come with a certificate of destruction.

You can drop your media off, securely ship your media to our lab, or we can collect the devices from you, providing you with secure, immediate and effective data destruction services.

Process of Data Destruction Services

  • A detailed report of the media sanitization and/or physical hard drive destruction including serial numbers to insure an audit trail of all media.

  • Chain of Custody upon request

  • Video recording of the shedding process along with video of each drive's serial number.

  • Certificate of destruction

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