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We would like to take your unused IT equipment, and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

IT equipment reaches its end of life due to technology improving rather than the equipment being worn out. This outdated equipment often end up in a store room only to be thrown away years later because of the guilt feeling of the initial cost involved in acquiring the goods. You think of all the money wasted and whether it would be possible to use the equipment somewhere else. Fact is, that is exactly where it ends. Most of us will never get to the stage of re-implementing the equipment and it will end up wasting much needed space.

Why recycle?
Getting back that wasted space of course. The problem is that when we eventually decide to clean out the store room, we tend to throw away computer equipment and they contain materials that are not bio degradable. PC’s, monitors and other electrical components contain hazardous wastes such as lead and many other hazardous chemicals. It is important to keep the hazardous chemicals out of our landfills. When you recycle, these products are degraded to a degree that is good for the environment.

Why NerdLab CC?
NerdLab CC offers a service of collecting and recycling your old IT equipment the responsible way. When the equipment is obsolete and no longer holds commercial value for you, we will collect them and make sure that they are recycled the responsible way.

What about my data on the old PCs?
Data security and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We have procedures in place to ensure that your data is erased from the hard disks to a point that it cannot be recovered even by data recovery specialists. It is a process referred to as secure wipe / zero fill, where a sequence of data is written over your hard drive several times. This cleans the sectors and tracks, and rewrites unusable data over your data. The data is rendered unusable after the process is completed.

Where to from here?
NerdLab CC has acquired the services of a reputable recycler. This recycling company specialise in disposal and recycling of chemicals and electronic circuitry. They are accredited by the international board of recyclers. So you can rest assured that your equipment is in good and “clean” hands.

Examples of the items we collect for Electronic Recycling:

1)     Computers
2)     CRT, LCD, and TFT Screens
3)     Laptops
4)     Server units
5)     Printers
6)     Mobile phones
7)     Tablets and handhelds
8)     TV’s
9)     Household Electronics
10)   Networking Equipment

We collect anything to do with Electronic Waste.

Examples of the recycling processess:
Electronic Recycling                - Items are stripped down to raw materials to be reused.
Destructive Data Recycling   - Data storage devices are physically destroyed to protect client info.
Insurance Salvage                    - The collection and disposal of insurance salvage items.
e-Waste Recycling                    - Electronic equipment recycling, including computer recycling.
Computer scrap recycling      - All computer scrap including printers, monitors, power supplies etc.

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